Introducing, the Chocolate Starfish…

So, new to this whole writing thing, I figured in one of my moments of inspiration (you know, that small chunk of time on a weekend where your family is in bed, but you figure you’d rather trade sleep for catching up on things that you couldn’t get done earlier), that this would be a good idea…lets just hope it’s not the Good Idea fairy messing with me.

Ok, so the intent of this is to sorta document different things that I do/have done that might help others out. Pretty strait forward, right? Well, I’m still learning, so I figure triumphs and failures alike can be fun. I actually have a few examples to throw in here tonight. Here are some of the basics I plan(we should all know how that works) to cover(in no particular order):

Homesteading-ish type stuff.





Etcetera, etcetera…

So yeah. There you have it. Now I’m betting that some people are wondering why “scavenger xray”? Well, Scavenger7 was taken. Simple enough. Scavenger because I’m actually pretty decent at it. Among other things, of course. Xray because, well, for those non-military(Army, maybe?) peeps, X-ray is the letter designation of a units command post. Which in my case would be my place. Why 7? Well, 7 is the designator for the highest ranking NCO in an element. 6 would be the commander, 5 the XO, so yeah. HH6 is already the 6. She runs the roost. My job then, is to get shit done. How well that works is debatable, but in the grand scheme of things, it works out. Happy wife, happy life.

Now, I don’t use twitter/instagram/whatever else kinda garbage there is. I only use facebook when I’m deployed to keep in contact with the wife. Otherwise, it’s rare I get on. That junk takes too much time from the more important things, like PT, and training. And getting shit done. Also, you might notice a lot of references to a lot of random things. That will probably stop once I run out of things to reference. But I’ll try to keep it going as long as possible.

Anywho, those examples I was telling you about earlier. So, I have chickens, and goats, and trying to figure out rabbits. Some chickens for eggs, some for meat. First of our meat chickens I killed a few weeks ago, didn’t go so well. HH6 gave me a jug from her work stuff and had me make a kill cone with it. Easy enough. Got the bird in the thing, it calmed down, and I couldn’t find the arteries to cut. Brilliant. So it got a reprieve. Not a long one, mind you. Wife looked up different ways to kill the thing, found one using my bare hands…supposedly quick and painless. Minimal suffering. What the hell, I’ll try it. That didn’t work too well. Ended up using the broomstick method. (Put broom/shovel/rake/hoe handle over neck, grab legs and pull up until head pops off.) That worked. And got blood everywhere. Not a big deal, boots are meant to get dirty. So lesson learned: There is more than one way to skin a cat, learn them. Makes it easier to adjust fire when needed. Like last weekend, killed a few more birds. Home made kill cone worked on the first one. Only because HH6 held the chicken in place. They are like small turkeys. About 8lbs of meat each. Had to broomstick the other 3 because they wouldn’t stay in by themselves. Then the crappy knives from the cheap walmart kitchen knife sets…those suck. Had to pull out the seal pup to cut the things with any efficiency. Lessons learned: Invest in a good knife dedicated to processing and keep it sharp. Make sure your home brewed stuff will work for the task, or expect to use plan b, c, or d.

So, here is my request from everyone. If I put something out there that is wrong, please tell us that I’m wrong, and why I’m wrong. I would prefer not in an asshole-ish way. I’m very receptive to constructive criticism. Really. More people learn from it that way.

So to close it up, I’m not some uber badass SF operator, I don’t try to act like I am. I’m a guy who used to be Infantry, realized I couldn’t make a decent living on the outside with it, then reclassed to commo. Yes, I went POG. But on the up side, I still bitch about POGs doing POGish shit. And I still call them that. Hmm, never really figured out the really correct spelling. Oh well.

So, enough with my rambling for the night. There you have it. I’ll leave with this important announcement.

Check out these links:

Yes, I’m a member(redoubter, due to time or lack of) of AmRRON. Good organization.

You can’t stop the signal.


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