Mike Tango Oscar

So, Family comes first. Easy enough.

Second, Added a project list to the side. I’ll explain this a little.

My intentions are to do the project, and then a write-up of the project, with kinda a lessons learned bit. Maybe some pictures if I think it’s necessary. And then I’ll add another text box of completed projects underneath (or above) with a link to the write-up. That’s the plan.

So, I try to list them in priority (of sorts). First one being the soundcard cable. Essentially going to use a cable from an old 6-pin mini-DIN device to wire up a pair of mono jacks to use with my laptop to transmit and receive digital modes.

The 4-port feedline switch box is so I don’t have to switch the antenna cables out every time I want to move to another antenna(such as, 10m to 40m NVIS). 4 ports for expandability.

I have an old, well worn Hustler 6BTV antenna (got for free a few years ago) that is in need of some work to get it running. Mainly the mounting bracket is bent, and I need to figure out where I want to install it.

The 2m/70cm J-Pole is so I don’t have to switch out cables to run those 2 different bands. I hear that VHF/UHF switch boxes don’t work too well.

The H-250 is mainly for the coolness factor. Even though I use the stupid things, kinda the coolness factor. But it would make it handy if I ever set up my 857D up in a Manpack configuration. That, and give this more of a TOC feel.

Also, made a demo dipole out of some scrap Cat5 cable in the shop to demonstrate to a couple of guys how stupid easy it was. Looking back, with a longer run of cable, just use the same twisted pair for both the dipole and feedline. Knot it where the insulator would go, and you’ve still got the twisted pair for you Jungle Coax. (Thanks, Dailtone!)

Hell, he probably doesn’t even know this exists. That’s cool though, I’ll have to do some meet n greet with these guys soon. Would rather do meat-space, but interwebs will work.

I’m going to bed. I need to get a horse again… and baby goats eat a lot of milk.


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