The Digital Audio Cable

So, managed to get the digital audio cable built and tested out over the weekend. I can’t get it to reliably trigger the VOX, but I managed to figure out where to put it to keep the ALC from spiking, and everything looks good so far. Tore down the station to bring it with me to CQ duty on Friday. Here are some notes:

Originally intended to use one of those USB to PS2 adapters I had laying around in a box with random cables and computer stuff. Underneath the rubbery shell the wires are encased in a waxy, plasticy substance. Managed to pull the 6 pin portion off, but after messing with it realized that it wasn’t suitable for me to solder on(I am still learning how to do that, by the way).

So at one of the local thrift stores, I managed to snag for a whopping 50 cents an old microsoft ball mouse. Works like a champ. Well, after some snipping of some wire, and checking for which wire went where, I jotted it all down and cut my 6 ft mono cable in half(had that running from my rig to my aux in port in my car, had to use some ferrite chokes to cut down on the engine noise on the highway), and checked the wires on that. After that, just needed to solder it all together. And it’s a rough, but serviceable, solder job. After a few strips of electrical tape to help insulate the wires and some heat shrink tubing to seal it all up, it works. Not exactly awesomely or anything, but it works. For a mix of what I had on hand and 50 cents at a thrift store(which I need to go back on payday and snag the few sets of BDUs they have for cheap), I have a working cable.

Hopefully this week(or weekend) I can test it out and see how it does.

In other news, I hope everyone was able to stop for a moment and remember those who have served before, and what they sacrificed. HH6 had the idea of doing this paper garland with the names of soldiers, sailors, and airmen(where do the marines fit into this?) who have fought and died. I think the names she got went back to WW2 (She asked people on facebook for names and dates, plus some of my friends I’ve lost). When she brought up the idea, I thought it was awesome. Apparently so did some older vets she’s talked to. Teach the real meaning behind Memorial Day. I think we did ok.


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