Back on the interwebs, and other tidbits.

So, instead of going through the attic(Reminded me of Kuwait…yuck), and rerouting a Cat5 cable I had routed in the winter from the previous location of the modem and my desktop to my TOC(aka my garage), and the new location of the modem, I had a stroke of genius(well, HH6 did) and decided to pull the wifi card out of her old broke laptop and put it in mine. After booting and it telling me that it was incompatible(BIOS, so retarded sometimes), Lubuntu booted up and told me wifi networks were available. Yay! So here I am.

Fleas. Been fighting those awhile now. Apparently all the rain has made them hit everyone around pretty hard. HUMINT collected from the dog groomer and an exterminator shows that it’s pretty bad. Like, dog gets professionally flea dipped, then we put a couple different flea killing chemicals and apparatus’ on him, and he’s still getting mauled. Like that exterminator just got done with a job that paid him 500 bucks over the course of a few weeks to get rid of fleas in someones house. Cheaper to keep fighting them myself. And yeah, he’s pretty booked. Talk about making bank. Honestly, fleas make me want to set a large wildfire off just to burn them out. Too bad I can’t get away with it.

So a couple of weeks ago HH6 and I went to go pick up a pig. Potbelly mix of some kind, he’s a big boy for a potbelly. Anyway, taking 2 vehicles so my wife’s van doesn’t have to smell like fresh pork. Not a bad deal considering her van brought home our initial 4 goats.Well, lets just say it took awhile to get the smell out of my car.

Anyway, onto the story. Yes, so we’re going down the roads, got some FRS/GMRS radio’s so we can keep in contact(still fresh from the tornadoes we had previously), and as we’re going through one of the city’s, my radio comes to like. Not sure what they were going on about, and wasn’t able to write down anything they were saying, all I know is that they were talking about some kind of model numbers. Not sure. Granted, we were near post, and could have been a soldier in the motorpool an another in an office, not sure. It was Saturday though, so I doubt it. Moral of the story, lots of radio waves to listen in on.

Got the bench grinder set up, an sharpening a hatchet is a PITA when you’ve got 2 grinding wheels on it. Gotta be careful about letting the handle get too close to the other one. Need to replace the coarser wheel with the wire wheel I bought at Harbor Freight awhile back. Now I just need to do one of the other million projects I want to get done. Fun fun.

More to come in the next few days when I actually get a few minutes from the honey-do’s and get to do some cool stuff.


Well now, this sucks…

So it seems that the wifi in my laptop has finally died. Now I have to run a line from the modem to my garage. Not looking forward to HH6’s reaction to that.

Booted to multiple known good distros of linux, both on my hard drive and live usb, and nothing. Kinda puts a damper on me doing anything on it. Cant even print without a network connection. One more thing to try to get done over the next couple of weeks. Between this and the boxes on my bike having an almost catastrophic failure (60mph with a zip tie and nail clippers being the only thing from the home brew hard bag setup from falling off), and by leave form not being at staff duty last night (in one of the s1 guys’ desk with a bunch of others apparently), the gremlins are really out to get me. Either that or a .gov conspiracy…. nah. Gremlins.

So with any luck HH6 wont have too many issues with me poking more holes in the ceiling.