Well now, this sucks…

So it seems that the wifi in my laptop has finally died. Now I have to run a line from the modem to my garage. Not looking forward to HH6’s reaction to that.

Booted to multiple known good distros of linux, both on my hard drive and live usb, and nothing. Kinda puts a damper on me doing anything on it. Cant even print without a network connection. One more thing to try to get done over the next couple of weeks. Between this and the boxes on my bike having an almost catastrophic failure (60mph with a zip tie and nail clippers being the only thing from the home brew hard bag setup from falling off), and by leave form not being at staff duty last night (in one of the s1 guys’ desk with a bunch of others apparently), the gremlins are really out to get me. Either that or a .gov conspiracy…. nah. Gremlins.

So with any luck HH6 wont have too many issues with me poking more holes in the ceiling.


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