So yeah, about that…

So I’ve been offline for the most part the last bit of time, dealing with other projects, work related stuff(I hate being in a S6 shop), and dealing with a broken heart(my first line talked the SIGO out of sending me down to the line as a rep. Told me this as we were starting PT. Talk about killing motivation).

Also managed to get ahold of some goodies. Such as a little gem of an HT. I will try to do a writeup on it this weekend. Got that BTV put up, sorta. Still working the kinks out(needs some tuning BAD. but trying to take it down to tune is scary. However, it might just be a craptacular connection and I may have to find a work around. Would suck if I broke it.

Found some more goodies so instead of wiring the H250 to the radio, I’ll just make a plugin for the radio so I can use my Liberator 2’s with it as well(good for nanpack setup, or TOC setup if I really need to hear it over background noise.

Just got done typing a response to someone’s question about Thermals vs. NODs on Dan Morgan’s blog. Waiting on him to see it and tell me I’m stupid(doubt it, but if he does I completely understand and will take my beating like a man). So now I’m trying to figure out how to set the interwebs ablaze with a Thermal vs. NOD debate(like the AR vs AK debate, or 9mm/40/45 debate), and if it’s even worth it to try(Really, I think it’s pointless. So probably not). However, maybe I’ll some day write an article on my experiences with them. Who knows.

So I guess it’s time to appease HH6, she thinks I have to work tomorrow and it’s after midnight local. Little does she know I not only don’t have to be up in 4 hours, I have a 3 day this weekend. “Training Holiday”. It’s kinda like snow days at school. Sorta. Ok, not really.

Please excuse my ramblings.

Postscript: Oh snap, I still owe yall a writeup on the soundcard cable. I’ll try to get that done and out soon(tm) too.


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