Hustler 5 BTV

So I got the 5BTV working. Not in the most optimal place, mainly due to lack of length on feed line, as well as where I can put it. It sits a little too close to the power line coming into the house, but I have it guyed pretty well so I shouldn’t have to worry about it.

So here’s how it all went down. Pulled out the antenna and the original mounting poles(galvanized pipe). In order to break it down, we(the guy I got it from and myself) had to cut through the coupler. That left 3 more manageable poles(the reducer came out easy). So I had to take the dremel and cut the coupler off.


2 cuts, ~180 degrees from each other and a little hammering made this come off. Did it twice to get each side of this former coupler.

So I managed to get that done, but the new coupler didn’t quite fit…


So I cut a slit in both pipes at ~90 degrees each(4 per pipe) and cranked it down. It works.

So, after that mess is done, I take a 2×4 block ad hammer the smaller pipe with the reducer into the ground using my 2.5lb cross peen. Sometimes I do it without the block, but then I notice deformation of the reducer. Not good. After that’s in I attach the pipe to the reducer and go back in. Help HH6 to bed and go to bed myself. At this point it’s like midnight local time.

The next day I put the antenna together, tighten everything down, and lean the thing against the roof. I used some 550 cord I had on some old 5 ft PVC sections to use as a small mast for guy lines(they were too short, but I made it work). I climb on the roof, pull it up, and put it in it’s spot.

But now, it doesn’t seat….So I stop, I bake in the sun, and then it hit me. I forgot to take the screw out of the bottom. So I pull it out, then pull the screw. Putting it back into the mount the second time was a little harder than the first. A slightly higher wind was hampering my efforts to not drop the thing and take out my house power. But I got it, and since I didn’t have the right size bolts to bolt the antenna to the mount, I just took and cut 3 strands of tie wire(about 2ft each), folded it in quarters, then used some vise grips and channel locks to twist them. So I used those instead of bolts. Just ran it through and twisted them. So far so good. Nice and solid.

Then got the feed line connected.

So the feed line….you take your coax, cut one end off, and crimp some connectors to them so you can use screws to attach to the antenna. Luckily I had one that had this done already. So I used that. Connect one end to the bottom of the antenna, and the other to the mount, and there you have it. Now, the manual says that you need some ground radials. I don’t have the room, especially for a pair of 32 ft radials that it said it needed for the 40m band.

However, SWR is about 1.2-2ish on each band it covers, and doesn’t get higher than 3 on the extreme. Totally acceptable performance.

Tomorrow I will try to have a few more pics up. Until then, have fun with this:


So, this is the VDET, the Video Display Electronic Terminal (Formerly known as the VDT – Video Display Terminal, and they both looked the same to me). My guess is that the onboard computer overheated(I’ve never seen that before, because our Strykers in Iraq and Afghanistan got waaaay hotter than these did). So yeah, Strykers run Winblows. My desktop does too, only because the hard drive with linux on it keeps overheating and corrupting the OS partition on it…

So yeah, figured someone would get a kick out of it.


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