So it’s been a minute…

So it’s been a bit, here’s what’s gone on…

So, spent Labor day weekend camping with a buddy of mine. Tested out that single piece headset(really tight under my helmet), with a makeshift antenna on the bike. Tested simplex with him, he could hear and understand me pretty well up until about 60-65 mph. Not too bad. I think some foam covering the mic will help with that, maybe get me to 70-75 mph.

I’ve got some adapters (female SMA to BNC and TNC) for the EFJ radio. Just need to build and mount an antenna for the bike and I’ll be good to go. I’m thinking 1/2 wave vertical, ground it good on the bike and the frame will be the counterpoise. Will need to tune it with my 857 after mounting to get the most out of the band.

Been working a lot, and going to be. Updates will be sporadic. But I will try to come up with some more goodies. Still looking at getting the adapter done for the 857d to allow me to use the 5pin/6pin .mil connectors. Figure being able to use my Liberator 2’s on it will make clandestine manpack hf worthwhile.

Convinced HH6 to study for the tech license. Promised her a Baofeng(however it’s spelled) if she passes. Female SMA to TNC….. UV-5 jobby with a Thales of Harris blade antenna? Oooh yeah, giggity giggity! In the meantime, the EFJ will have a blade antenna while on my kit… Come to think of it, I need a SO-259 to TNC…or something like that. I can check the SWR on it too.

I really need to get an antenna analyzer or something.