RF-1944-150 pt. 1

So, I was messing around with a Harris RF-1944-150 over the weekend. Very interesting. It’s a Inverted V dipole designed to work between 2-30 MHz. The specs say it weighs 9 pounds for the 150 watt version, but when I weighed it, it was a bit more.

When it came time to test for SWR on the bands, I came across something odd. on 80m it showed as 3:1, on all the other bands I tried, it was showing a 1:1. I call shenanigans.

The issue I’m running into is that I don’t have an antenna analyzer, instead I’m using an external meter with my radio (LDG Electronics with Yaesu 857D). So until I can actually get my hands on an antenna analyzer, I’m stuck wondering how accurate that is. So, maybe soon-ish I’ll find someone who will let me borrow theirs. Or I’ll just buy one.

Below is the data sheet of the antenna in question. Seems nice, but it takes up more space than it looks when set up. More to follow, eventually.



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