I can has Wifi thethering?

So, I finally got off my ass and rooted my phone. I don’t like phones, I don’t like smart phones. I was totally fine with my old flip phone last year, then my wife bought me this thing. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful, and having a so called “smart phone” has saved my ass once or twice. But on the flip side, so much hidden junk and bloat in it that I don’t exactly trust it.

Now, yes, I rooted it. I still don’t trust it, even after removing some bloat. Only way I would is with a custom kernel, built from the ground up by me. But, that is waaaay too advanced for me. So instead, learning to actually root the thing(no warranty on it anyway. Definitely wasn’t top of the line last year, or maybe even 2 years ago). But now I have wifi tethering. If you’re not sure what it is, it means I don’t have to pay any stupid phone service provider extra money to be able to use my phones data plan on a more convenient platform. I own my phone outright, and now I almost really do.

And that is why I love radio. If I want to share data with someone, I just schedule a time and frequency with them, hook up the computer, and go for it. If I want to talk to someone, I talk. Of course, it’s not like a phone where I just dial the number, but that is what an SOI is for. That is what scheduled nets are for. Of course, when you go with a TOC setup with dedicated RTO’s, it’s as easy and hitting the PTT switch and calling for them. But that is something slightly different.

So yes, I thought I’d mention that. I’m actually quite pleased it worked. I do recommend rooting your device and learning how to remove bloatware and extra junk safely(remember to back it up first!), and unleashing the potential, such as not having to pay for a service you should be getting anyway. You’re paying for the data. You paid for the equipment. I’ll be damned if they won’t let me use it.


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